Drawing for Decentralized Networks Workshop
Drawing for Decentralized Networks Workshop for WYFY School, in partnership with BUFU, Image Courtesy Taeyoon Choi

Our temporary p2p network is home to a series of newly commissioned works. Each work is initially hosted by another artist. The network exists through a collaborative act of care and stewardship. Visitors are also invited to participate in this.

Each of the works has been created within the constraints of a 2mb file size and without external dependencies.

Access the exhibition by visiting the Get Started page.

Here you will find the links to access the exhibition along with a guide for installing the required software.

We have now published an 'archived' version of the exhibition which you can access through your usual web browser. This is available on the Archive page.

This project follows the principles of coding to care and coding carefully from the Distributed Web of Care initiative. You can read more about this in Community over Commodity, an essay by Adina Glickstein.

We hope that this website can also serve as a starting point for exploring p2p networks, alternative web protocols and careful networking. To help with that you can explore our resources page.