We have archived the p2p works here, mirroring them to the https:// protocol, so that they can be accessed with a regular browser. It should still be possible to access the original p2p version of these works via Beaker.

The p2p version is quite unstable, and accessible only when someone actively decides to host it.

Click the links below to enter the network and begin browsing the archived version of the exhibition.

Most of the works will appear exactly as they do on the p2p version, however there are some pieces that exist differently on the two versions. If you'd like to explore the p2p version, please check the Get Started page.

Please be aware that this exhibition contains mature content.

The pages have also been crawled by the Internet Archive, so will likely remain retrievable beyond the duration of this domain, or the p2p hosts.

We'd love to receive any thoughts and feedback about the exhibition. You can do this by emailing