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### The Cared For Network Who has the control in a prescribed care relationship? Christopher has made a playful interpretation of the log book documents that carers are required to fill in daily as they administer care, drawing on his own experiences of being cared for for inspiration. Log books are used by care companies to monitor the amount of care delivered and the ongoing needs of the cared for person. They are instrumental in determining both the continued support for the cared for person and continued funding for the care company. Yet these documents are recorded entirely from the perspective of the carer. The often deeply personal and intrusive data gathered is completely out of the control of the person being cared for, and is shared in undisclosed ways amongst care companies and funders to be assessed. This process of data control creates a system of power that works against the person being cared for, protecting primarily the business interests of the care company. In The Cared For Network, Christopher reclaims this perspective to create his own log of events over a period of several days, imagining what happens if the power dynamic of the carer and the cared for unravels. Christopher imagines the possibility of these shadow log books, appearing on p2p networks, being written by the people being cared for or with full honesty by the carers, making space for a more revealing account of the processes of care. **Bio** Christopher Samuel is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in identity and disability politics, often echoing the many facets of his own lived experience. Seeking to interrogate his personal understanding of identity as a disabled person impacted by inequality and marginalisation, Christopher responds with urgency, humour, and poetic subversiveness within his work. This approach makes his work accessible to a wider audience, allowing others to identify and relate to a wider spectrum of human experience. Invited by [Phoenix](