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### Time Saving Device _(Note: This clock was programmed to function on the Careful Network using Beaker. While this was live on the Hyper protocol between 29/10/21 - 11/11/21 it was viewed for minutes - you are seeing the current time minus those minutes. On this HTML version it no longer functions as intended, but the clock and statement below stand as a monument to a brief moment of shared network time)_ While you are here this clock stands still It only ticks while no-one is watching The clock was started at 7pm BST (UTC+1) on Friday 29th of October 2021 The difference between mean time and this time is a record of attention gifted to the clock, and of the times when it was ignored It is also a marker of human presence across networks. Leave here and come back - if the time is the same, someone else somewhere is clock watching This is not entertainment, it is a tool and a gift In this temporal autonomous zone, you are no longer missing out Let this be your clock while you do; 1. Something you enjoy 2. Something you despise 3. Something you consider a waste of time 4. Nothing Invited by [Phoenix](