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### Bunny Bunny Revolution The work is a GIF created from a clip from my video work "Now that we know the world is ending soon...what are you gonna wear?". It features my ubiquitous bunny avatar dressed as virtual singer and video game character Hatsune Miku dancing on screen in an arcade dance machine game. Caught in a perpetual loop and presenting strange layers of one fictional character impersonating another, the scene alludes to fantastical scenarios and the multiple identities present as we navigate life in and out of the screen. **Bio** Emily Mulenga is a multimedia artist. Using visuals and sound that draw upon video games, cartoons and the internet, her practice explores themes of capitalism, feminism, technology and existential anxieties. Mulenga’s output reflects a ravenous consumption of media, where gloss and escapism meet humour and unease, spanning past, present and future. Mulenga has exhibited internationally and led projects at Tate Britain and Camden Art Centre. She holds an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, which was fully funded by a Frank Bowling Scholarship. Her first solo exhibition, Taking Up Space, opened at Firstsite in 2017. She has since had solo shows in London and Birmingham. Invited by [BOM](