Get Started

If you already have Beaker browser installed, choose a starting point to enter the network below.

Please be aware that this exhibition contains mature content.

The network is temporary and depends on individual participants sharing their resources. If a part of the exhibition is currently offline, return here and try selecting a different starting point.

How to visit the exhibition

This exhibition can be accessed through the web protocol Hypercore. To do this you will need to use a special type of browser.

We recommend you use Beaker Browser. You can download and install this here:

Once you have installed Beaker you will be able to visit sites that are being distributed via Hypercore.

Beaker looks like a regular web browser, and you can still use it to access websites like you usually would.

However, when you access Hypercore websites you use a URL that begins hyper:// instead of https://. These websites will usually be transmitted to you directly from the computer of a participating member of the network. There is more information about this in our resources page.

We've produced a short video walkthrough that you can view here: Careful Networks Get Started Guide

An alternative browser that you could use is Agregore.

Browsing the exhibition

Choose a starting point by clicking one of the artist links at the top of this page.

If this part of the exhibition is currently offline, return here and try selecting a different starting point.

When you access this page you will find one of the commissioned works. You will be able to see which artist made the work, and which artist was hosting the work.

Some of the works are embedded directly in the page, and for others you can click the title of the work to view it as its own page.

As you visit

To the right of the address bar there is a share icon and a number. The number shows how many people are currently connected to the page. If you click on the icon you can see some more details about the other computers connected and also choose to host the page yourself.

By clicking the host tab, you will be allowing other users to access the work via your computer. You will be caring for the work. This will mean that whenever Beaker Browser is running, you will be keeping this page online.

Each of the commissioned works is within 2mb of size, so hosting a page shouldn’t use up too much space on your computer.

Explore the works

On each page that you visit, you will be able to navigate to two other pages. This will be the page containing the work of the artist who is hosting the page you are currently visiting, and the page that is being hosted by the artist whose work you are currently visiting.

As the nature of the network is temporary and unstable, some pages might be unavailable at certain times. If you get stuck, feel free to head back to our index page, and drop in somewhere else.

The works are structured like a web-ring. This used to be a fairly common approach to linking similarly themed websites together, and allowing a community to navigate between different users.

Build your own

If you’d like to try building your own simple hypercore Careful Network you can create a copy of one of the pages to build from. You can do this by clicking on they URL in the address bar, then choosing Tools > Fork Drive > Copy to create a unique copy with its own Hypercore address.

For more information about p2p and the technologies used in this project, visit our resources page.